El ejercicio del diálogo
A collaborative project that took place during my 3 month residency at Casa Vecina in DF.  The project space was located a few blocks from Casa Vecina on the top floor of an abandoned residence.  I worked closely with the members of Venereas Edecanes, a punk/art band, on a mash-up of live instrument, street sounds, and samples. I invited 2 distinct schools of performance to "battle" at their own discretion, a capoerista and b-boy.  My fragmented experiences of DF were composed on the walls as video of labor protests, music sample possibilites and re-arrangements of city acronyms

El movimeinto tribal is one of the most authentic, contemporary subcultures to recently occur in the Americas.  The movement sonically mixes pre-Hispanic and African rhythms with techno beats, while Western Cowboy boots are transformed with extended tips that raise as high as 46 inches. Terrestrial collapses these elements into an organic figure resembling the native agave plants found in Mexico and the US Southwest. Terrestrial is a collaboration between Bravo, who resides in San Diego and Alberto Sanchez, tribalista extraordinaire from Monterrey, Mexico; two minds from different cities and countries working together to speculate order and beauty about unique and chaotic cultural shifts.